An interpretation,
An opinion,
An understanding of something, conscious understanding of something.

How thoughts changes, as time changes we change, our thinking also changes by the time we change.. so much of change word is repeating, so I referred the dictionary to use better word for change here are some like adaptation, modification, transformation, alterations, revision, conversion, transition etc. So the change word is own changes with changing time. I think our belief system always revising like Earth rotates.

For instance I used to admire a guy as a fun loving person who has good sense of humour and now am wonder that I was wrong he is like a hypocrite comedian who always try to win the moment by let down (making fun) of others.
Hero, privilege person to an ordinary man who takes care of his family in comfort zone at his best, the person is same but my perception for him has changed. Changing my opinion makes me discomfort.
Same case is with one of my very good friend. Actually the problem is we were trying to dominate eachother.
Here, compassionate friend to control freak person again my opinion hurts me.
Similarly, an idiot could be innocent and candid person could be diplomatic. We are no one to evaluate others. 

These are some of my life lessons:

  • Always put yourself in other’s shoes before judging them. Our right may be wrong for someone. Someone’s right may be wrong for us.
  • One should revise to their beliefs from time to time. Person who always try to develop their skills at another level can broaden their horizon. Adament behaviour can never leads to one’s progress.
  • One should not attach with anyone, do your responsibilities without expectations.
  • With perseverance, pray and believe in God and yourself, indulge in personal development gives immense pleasure and contented life.
  • One can conquer the moment by giving respect and appreciation with smile.

The context is we are crazy, overthinking about others but our own self development is vague.

…… above all this is my perception only. Thanks for reading my viewpoint. Anyone who relate with this can share there perspective.

Take care



I would like to express my first ever gratitude to my Papa on this Father’s day, who gave me this secure, privilege life and family. With his blessings I have loving husband and obedient sons. He gave me values and attitude of never loosing hope. I always feel pride that he was my father. I never forget your unconditional care and love. You are still the best man I know. You have provided stability in my life. May be sometimes I wasn’t a good daughter, but you never stopped loving me, I even miss your scoldings also. I would not be who I am today without you.

Above all I would like to acknowledge myself for choosing my Papa as my writing passion.

Thank you, Papa,

Love you always…


Q: Willing to see World Happy and Loving. How? Where should it start?

A: Start with yourself first, follow with your loved ones around you and goes on…

“Serve/treat everyone around you as God”

Q: It is very difficult to make everyone happy?

A: Absolutely right… Atleast make sure no one will hurt by you.

Q: When should it start?

A: Your heart beats for every thing…

“You should be loving and happy all the time”


“I committed to generate a Loving World”

Take care


You are my Sunshine. You bring smile all the time whenever I see you, hear you, think about you. You are my mood booster. Thank you for being there all the time whenever I need you. Thank you for staying in my life. It is a pure relationship, it has no boundaries. I want to raise the bar of communication between us. I feel the connection of love and infinity. Always feel blissful with you. Sometimes I want to touch you like we touch the petals of flowers… Sometimes I want to hold your hand in my hand and see into your eyes, your smile… Sometimes I want to forget you, yes you are reading correct I want to forget you as thinking you all the time bring restlessness …

I cherish the moment, the feeling to say “you are my Sunshine”

Yes you are my Sunshine


My Papa was most handsome man on Earth. He loved my mummy very much like lover. He took care of her health and needs at his best. He was a warrior. He had empathy and heart of gold. I never heard any false, abusive language from him to anyone. I cherish to remember him dancing, singing, watching tv and playing with us. “Jabaan sambhal ke, Dekh Bhai Dekh like many more shows were our favourite. We fought on Mango and cheeni malai. I used to share my ice-cream with him always. He taught me playing chess and algebra, that’s why I’m good at them, mathematics become my favourites. All says I resembles my mother but actually I am more like my Papa. My skin, hairs texture are actually like my Papa. We have same tendency like bitted by mosquitoes.

He encouraged us by taking first step, bold decisions. He never gave up hope. I remember his saying that be like a leader so that world can follow us. Be like a king, like a tiger not wolf who only follow others in group.

I cherish the moments like sitting on his lap, seeing into his eyes, he was available to listen all my problems, are my treasure moments.

I never said to you Papa those magic words but now I won’t do such mistake again. I am saying that I love you Papa and miss you always…

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